Saturday, October 20, 2012

True - Not Fake

Heyyyy pals!
Sorry for the late post again, and today I want to share something to you J
What do you do if you’re being haunted with some curiosity about something?
We feel that way because of this thing , look:

Just a few weeks ago, we saw a TV commercial that make us wondering. Have you heard about Dove White Beauty Bar? The only soap bar which has multi-function as a facial wash, and  a body wash. Can you believe that commercial?
Honestly, We NEVER ever BELIEVE any tv commercial, except food :3 hehehe

Why we don’t believe to that commercial?
Of course we don’t believe any tv commercial because those are mostly seems fake and being set up. Don’t you think that way? Especially this commercial !
Dove Beauty White Bar. Pleaseee, how come you can believe that commercial? Everyone knows that bath soap has a different “PH” with facial wash. So, for face and body, should has a different treatment. We can’t use bath soap as a facial wash, and otherwise. Do you agree with us?

But in our mind …..
We wondering if that commercial is true, then it will being so practice for us :3
We kept thinking like that, and finally we decide to give 7days challenge to prove it and not being haunted with that curiosity :P

Finally here the soap!