Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Back to School

During de Female photo-shoot, i just wore a comfy cute outfit.
Actually i don't want to take a picture of myself actually, but my sister, Rosa, insist >.<
So here my outfit. Simple.
And my boy said i like a school girl -_____________-
okay, in this blog i never take a photo while i was dressed up too.
later i will. hahahaha.

the top is cute right :) it's de Female stuff ♥ 

so in back to school outfit, I'm recall about zooming and freezing technique.
here some photos that successfully use that technique :)


okay its not like a pro photographs .__. its a faaarr far away to be pro :(

and my outfit review :

ribbon top - deFemale
short - Stardivarius
shoes - Hush Puppies

♥ cheers,

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fly me with the gusts of wind

It’s evening when us took a picture of this at the park. Honestly, its holiday when we took this picture. But, since we busy much to prepare our store, so there’s no time for blogging L 
super sad that I can't update this blog :p 

Actually, it’s fun to take a shots at park :D

this asimetri skirt look amazing, doesn't it?

The sailor top and asimetri skirt are de Female product
Heels – New Look
Bracelet – own collection

From today, we will work hard to update this blog regularly ! uuyeee hahaha.
Eh yaaa, have you seen Spiderman and Ice Age 4 ?
Goshh how handsome the Spiderman yaa :D hahaha
And as usual, ice age still funny as well J
SID: My mother told me that there's a rainbow around every corner!
DIEGO: Was this before she abandoned you?
SID: Yes it was.
Woohooo. Sid’s family totally mean in that case :P Hahahaha. 

But that’s right, there’s a rainbow around every corner.
"So, don’t be afraid of windstorm in your life,  just fly with it, and keep trying!"
 - Ruby and Rosa

Don’t forget to join and try :D
maybe you will win, remember sid’s said! LOL. 

❤ Ruby and Rosa ❤

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

in a month in a blogger world, we GOT an award!
we can't describe how happy we are about this award :)

this award is really means a lot for us instead, because we like a newbie in here. LOL.
Really thanks for Jiglycious for give us an award ♥ 

Anyway, there are some rules for this award, and here they are:
1. I've to thank the blogger who passed on the award.
2. Write 7 random things about yourself.

3. Pass the award to 15 other bloggers as my nominee

and these are 7 random things about ourself :
1. Ruby likes photographs
2. Rosa likes to be photographed (we are match yea ♥ )
3. Ruby in art major, loves chocolate, and shoes addict, & polkadots maniaa
4. Rosa likes to have a pet, loves fashion, and business
5. We are new in a blog atmosphere
6. We just re-launch our fashion boutique, de Female
7. We want de Female being a successful fashion line :)

so, here are our favorite bloggers :
1. Mei~ from icepandora
2. Rosalinda Tjoe from nine in the afternoon
3. Claireta Teresa from stranger madness
4. Anasgc from de la VIE BELLE
5. Sara Josephine - sartob from a day to remember
6. Miss tea from miss tea & co
7. Brigitta Monique from BrigittaMonique
8. Quinta FH from classic velvet
9. Julian Tanoto from Journal J
10. Eudora Marcella from little girl's big dream
11. Maria Widjaja from bourbon ribbon
12. Theresia Oei from Liberty of The Mint
13. Cathy Sie from petiteness
14. Agnes Koriston from Picture to Remember
15. Nila Kussriani from Lanilaa Says

honestly we confused to choose, because all of you are my favorite >.<
congrats to all of our favorite bloggers!
and still don't forget that we still have a welcome giveaway (<--- click)♥ 
here the sneak peak :D

xoxo ♥ ,
Ruby and Rosa