Sunday, November 18, 2012

be Grateful

uhmm okay, same as Rosa's post here :))
my outfit post in the Kicthenette !

and uhmm yeah, we forgot to post our photos together while at "Quality Time" post.  
how could it be that WE FORGOT ? :O awww

maybe because there's so much stress lately and many assignments for us to do :')
i just wish we can go back to thursday and start over our looooooooooong weekend!

okay, here my bun bun hair ❤ 
done by Rosa, thanks sist! love it

and here, since i always be the photographer, 
i'm not used to pose beside smiling and do 'peace finger' in photo! hiks
so thanks again for my sister, Rosa, who teach me how :')
she told me to relax and be confidence :D

and please excuse for my grumpy face :(
i don't mean to have that any kind of expression like that .______. 
hehehe *peace*

necklace - from Singapore
bracelet - from Bali
orange skirt - de female
oxford shoes - Nine West 

Things happened in this long weekend for me and maybe some of you. too many things going unwell.
although Yesterday the only day i had so much fun finally ❤ yeiii!
and i believe, some of you had some fun too even things going harder lately.
so, i like this quotes :

 "forgive and forget, learn from it, take some positive things and be grateful
Believe there's something good behind that and just let it flow"

I really waiting to have a bloggers meet up! i think it would be nice.
so keep in touch, would you?
and please invite us to join your meet up maybe? it would be a pleasure ❤ 
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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Candy Land

Okay, you got a snap shot in the last post :D
so, here the full outfit of the day

 Love this candid! :3

jacket - de female
heels - Nine West
bag - Roxy

Randomly, my sister found a streaming radio in her Mac, and love to play Classic music or sweet korean music. And that make my mind randomly things about something. ughh.
But that's become nice to hear when the nights come and being sleeping friend. 
hahaha lol ♥ anyway, I love when Ruby find a good spot for my photos! 
thanks, Ruby :*

So, what do you think about my personality looks like if you see from all my photos? I saw it like I'm a cold person from hell, but I'm not. really! hahaha I'm a nice one who diligent to save my money to bank account, good girl and not arrogant. HAHAHAlol. muah :*

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Quality time ♥

Hello beauties ♥ 
we are having a dinner at Kitchenette at last TGIF !
all foods are yummy ;3

Strawberry Freeze
Spaghetti Pesto

okay, enough with the yummy foods!
here our narcism shots :D



 and time to say good bye :(
to the billing jar :D

Ruby and Rosa ❤