Saturday, June 29, 2013


yep throwback to last month where i got my first What I Wear gathering with my sister, Rosa. hahahah!
okay better late than not, right? :P 
and really thank to ci Valen for inviting us on that gathering :D

not much, just :
defemale skirt
nine west shoes

photo credits to Sadikin Gani, The Actual Style ! ♥ 

oh yaaa, i bet some of you knew that i got a new haircut from my instagram :D
and it's bob ! hahahaha. what do you think? better short or stay long?
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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Random Random Random

hey! sorry for not posting for so long, and my next post become pill up in may laptop.
here we go on my random post!

Topshop earings

New Look shoes

this outfit wore at WIW gathering

PS : please hype my look if you don't mind! :)

so, the reason why i said Random post is

see ya next gathering awesome people ! :)
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Bunch of love,