Sponsorship / Advertising


for category : fashion, food, lifestyle

this sponsorship or advertisement that will help your brand awareness have several kinds that we offer to you;
1. Product Review
    we will review it based on our perspective as customer or buyer, choose the products.
    click for example to view a review from our client : M cafe

2. Sponsored item
    we can choose the product so it can fit or match with our style and post it as an outfit / product post
    then we will give link to your store's website :)
    bonus : 1 instagram / twitter post :D

3. Giveaway
    we will held a giveaway on our blog with your company or store mandatory
    the mandatory could be like fan page or follow.
    example : welcome giveaway

4. Banner
    available in 3 size ; small, medium, and large

prices or any collaboration offer please contact :