Friday, August 24, 2012


Hi guys, we are back! how is your Eid Mubarak Holiday?
and Happy Eid Mubarak Day :D

-a little share from me-
Mine was really crazy and stressful. hoho. many asignment to do :( and have to prepare for my birthday party in tiny time just really stressful .

By the way, my sweetie sister took this picture with phone's camera.
we had brought our SLR camera, BUT!! I didn't REMEMBER TO BRING it's MEMORY CARD.

And…... TARAAA!! this is it

Sometimes, talking while you taking pictures just make a silly face for the result. hoho. and this is my result :( 

 Save the best for the last :')
Clothes - bought from USA
Skirt - deFemale (september new collection)
Shoes - Charles n Keith

ANYWAY in next lucky SEMPTEMBER , 
I Will Gift everyone "something" as my birthday gift TO ALL of YOU
maybe on my next post, xoxo

Rosa :*

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

SistersTime! // Welcome Giveaway Winner

HOLAAAA! Happy August :D
we were photoboothing yesterday while doing nothing, and became soooo many photos!
so, we made it into a gif documents to start a fun august ♥ 

♥ we wish you a HAPPY and SUCCESS for this new month!

we play a lot with our doll *blushing*
because they are just too cute to company us only for sleep.

we are sorry because this is not an outfit post yeah :P
we just want to share our narcissistic photos with our baby doll

besides, they are from someone :D
*blushing again*

and never mind about our silly face. hahaha.

for the winner of welcome giveaway are …

a Rafflecopter giveaway

sorry for the late announcement >.<
we've been sleep over in another place without internet access.
isolated from internet! euh *can't live without internet access*

so, we will contact the winner soon by email :D
congrats for you guys!
and sorry for the other, because they are randomly picked the winner :(
but, wait for another giveaway, okay ♥ hihihi

♥ cheers,
Ruby and Rosa