Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Magnum café to M-cafe

Have you ever been to the new Magnum café in 2011 a Café by Magnum Ice Cream? They changed the café name into M-café and a brand new place beside Blitzmegaplex at 6th floor, west mall of Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. It is the most exclusive, fancy and a cozy place to hangout! Uhmm also became a romantic place at night :) Yeahhh some of you may thought that place is the most laziest place to visit because of the queue line, right? But y’all are wrong! It’s so worth it for waiting that such a long time. Because, after you get in you’ll definitely fell in love with that cozy place and the foods! ❤ 

Besides, did you know from the old Magnum café by Magnum Ice Cream which was located at 5th floor, west mall of Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia, they become an International pop-up café? Located on Paris, New York, London and other city in the world although they only planned exist for pop up booth like for 3 months only. And only at Indonesia M-café planned exist for long term.How awesome that fact !
Saturday, November 16th, we visit M-café since it had been so popular and sensational place. All of my friends had been over there like a thousand times and still come back, with their friends or even with their family, or with their lovers! And made us feel like “whaaaat, only us who haven’t try to go there? omg!”

and they told us that the Salmon De La Mer for main course is super delicious ! it is a pan fried salmon served with sautéed broccoli and paragon cream sauce and Ruby tried it and it’s true. The Salmon super fresh and soft, same as the mashed potato. And the sauce, SUPER YUMMY ❤ 
look at this :9

and Rosa ordered Royal Kingdom since her first choice (Steak La-Grand Place) was out of stock. It is a wagyu beef steak with arugula and fries.It is well done cooked and SUPER RECOMMENDED for you who like beef and salty flavor J

Also we tried some favorite dessert there :D Such as De Velvet Seduction, De Constructed Cheese Cake, Strawberries Velvet and Fondue du Desir ♥ all of them are yummy. But we like De Velvet Seduction and De Constructed Cheese Cake, the most :D anyway, Strawberries Velvet is one from Chocolatier creations (others are peanut butter and banana flavor)

For beverage, for you who are chocolate lovers like Ruby, you can order Truffle Royale. It is Chocolate truffle magnum shake with dark chocolate melt. As you can see at the photos below, that chocolate on top, you can bite them one by one :9 and for Strawberry lovers with big size, Rosa ordered Flower Clock, strawberry magnum smoothie with fresh lemon juice, melon, and strawberries.

The New Crown Jewel is one of Indonesian celebrities creations (Favorite Menu) . Actually if not mistaken, there are 5 creation from Indonesian celebrities. But the most looks yummy is The New Crown Jewel. “Magnum grand glass with pistachio coated strawberry stick , almond coated vanilla stick and dark chocolate truffle stick, with fruits, brownies, nuts and milk chocolate sauce”. SUPER BIG SIZE and can not be eaten by 1 person. It is likes for sharing dessert :Dand for you who like Belgian waffle, Waffle at M-café is chewy (Belgian style) not fluffy (American style).

You know , if you stay lazy about the queue line, you can bought Magnum dessert and take away. There are 20 dipping for you to make your own Magnum flavor fresh from the kitchen area for Magnum Grab and Go. Every menu you order for take away or not are fresh made from the kitchen!

Anyway, for you who never saw the new M-café, We want to share a little about the café design. The café is divided into 2rooms, smoking and not. Such a cozy place :) Smoking area is at outdoor with beverage kitchen, Non-smoking area is inside with the Chocolate kitchen. Both have a super great view; City view, specially at night is the best view! Until now, there is no reservation and you should in queue line to get in, and you could held an event if you like. Capacity non smoking area 120 sits, and smoking area 50 sits. But for this moment, very recommended to use the non-smoking area only for held an event. Because there is no roof-shelter for smoking area in this rainy day J

So who want to throw a party over there? Hahaha okay, you should try to enjoy city view in this cozy place with delicious dessert! #very recommended café

Dessert lovers,
Ruby and Rosa ❤