Friday, December 6, 2013

I'm Back! - Edited

Hellloooooooo !
Long time no see :'D

How's your December?

So, we are back!
and here we are :D

Top & Skirt sponsored by deFemale

so, deFemale is Ruby and Rosa's online shop and managed by Rosa
more info please add 763E7CE4

New Look Shoes

I love all about Rosa's outfit in here. She's pretty right ❤ 
(currently Ruby is posting Rosa's look without her. Lol) 
xoxo :*

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bit late

Hey awesome Blogger! Hows your holiday? that is fun, right ? 
I rarely at home, gathering with my fam, friend, and also lovely blogger :D
 This post should be posted long time ago. 
On that day i met up with Avellia and Elen Ang :) and having a great time  
so, here we go

Thanks Elen for the shoot !

see our silly face together,
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Bunch of Love,


Saturday, June 29, 2013


yep throwback to last month where i got my first What I Wear gathering with my sister, Rosa. hahahah!
okay better late than not, right? :P 
and really thank to ci Valen for inviting us on that gathering :D

not much, just :
defemale skirt
nine west shoes

photo credits to Sadikin Gani, The Actual Style ! ♥ 

oh yaaa, i bet some of you knew that i got a new haircut from my instagram :D
and it's bob ! hahahaha. what do you think? better short or stay long?
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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Random Random Random

hey! sorry for not posting for so long, and my next post become pill up in may laptop.
here we go on my random post!

Topshop earings

New Look shoes

this outfit wore at WIW gathering

PS : please hype my look if you don't mind! :)

so, the reason why i said Random post is

see ya next gathering awesome people ! :)
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Bunch of love,


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Green Twinsist

Okay HEI fellassss! ❤ 
last week there's one of JAGGERs having a sweet 17th birthday party :D
lets say it again, 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Vania :* !'

and as you can see, we are the greens twins in JAGGER :D

but not all of Jagger member come :(

the birthday girl from pudding monster, vania

with ammy from my whispering style

tamaraaaaaa from vanilla sky

lucca from lucca yoga

and finally with super tall high school girl, claire the owner of the flare kiss 

soo what do you think about this green twinsiist :D
aren't we adorable? LOL :P

for you who are a fashion blogger in Jakarta,
we welcome you to join JAGGER, Jakarta Blogger ❤


Monday, April 22, 2013

Temukan Indonesiamu - Find Your Indonesia!

How’s the graffiti? Aren’t those great :D
You only can find them at Aqua event now! 
At Jendral Sudirman Street from 10 a.m., Aqua hold ‘Temukan Indonesiamu’ (‘Find Your Indonesia’) event. It’s all about an event for young generation to explore anything about Indonesia, like Indonesian culture, art, and nature resource. And because of that, young generation of Indonesia should and need appreciate all of that, so they can be more proud to have them and love them. And we love Indonesia! ❤

Aqua as Indonesia’s national brand would like to invite all young generation of Indonesia to explore and interpret Indonesian treasure which is showed in every little things happened around in daily life by art and photography in ‘Temukan Indonesiamu’ event.

we would like to invite you as young generation of Indonesia to participate at
Temukan Indonesiamu Art and Photography Competition
by Danone-Aqua
start from 22nd April 2013 - 17th June 2013

Treasure Indonesia and win IDR 10.000.000,- !

For more info and participation in this long term event,