Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Stay Pretty, Young and Healthy ❤

A few days ago, we just wondering to keep pretty, stay young and keep healthy in room with AC for 24 hours! Yaa since Ruby is still a college student and Rosa is a senior high school students, and we are a part time blogger, our life is mostly attached to air conditioned room. campus and school, home also our ride ( transportation) is full with air conditioning stuffs and so cold in this creepy weather, sometime hot like in there are 3 suns and sometime rainy all day long until flood coming.  And this unbalance situation is very very not good for skin.  You know it, don’t you?

Usually without hand body or else, Ruby’s skin are easily get dry. Of course because this 24hours air conditioned room. While in school, the classroom are still without Air Conditioner. So, my skin still no need using hand body lotion. But after college ? AC is everywhere, 8am-3pm in air conditioned room, 3pm-3.30pm inside my car, until night whether my activity is making assignment in my room (with AC again), or gym (in air conditioned room again), or hangout with friends to cafĂ©, restaurant, or mall, or watching movie (meet AC again). At night (10pm-1am) blogging in my air conditioned room. Jesus, help my dry skin :’( with little scratch you will see white line L SO, I need my savior! And then, I told my friend about my uncomfortable skin problem, the saying about body lotion and body wash. Wait, whaatt? Body wash? Yes, that’s right. I never care about what body wash that I use.  So I thought maybe I should start help my skin from that thing. Body wash. 

Aha! We tried to do searching about what is a good body wash, and looking for new body wash. Have you seen the new Dove Body Wash commercial ? That commercial so tempting yaaaa :P And because we are a Dove products lover since long time ago ( we use the shampoo as well until today, because it’s totally a good products ) so we tried the new product since Dove Nourishing Body Wash have a patent for their NutriumMoisture™  formula. That is a unique technology who combine moisture with nutrition materials in a body wash to regenerate kin nutrition and decrease skin damage while you take a bath.

While you clean your body at take-a-bath-time, this is some important tips that you must know too, because this is the way we do bath J :
first of all get your body wet with clean water, get this Dove Body Wash and play with it gently and make a fluffy foam ❤ and get your body full with a fragrant foam ^^ and remember do not use a rough towel because can damage your skin, do not use a hot water ( above 37’C ) because can make your skin get dry

Take a bath with Dove is just like in the commercial  although not that extreme! Hahaha. But it’s true, you know, it just felt so milky while it come out to our hand, and soft.And we love the foam too, its made much foam while using the body wash, and it smells good ❤ and look at my skin now J After Ruby using Dove Nourishing Body Wash with NutriumMoisture™  formulafor a while, my skin return to normal and being more clean, healthy, soft, and smooth. There is no more white line if you touch my skin. We are super love our pretty healthy skin now. Overall, this body wash is easy to get at every store, and we can save more money from the budget of a body wash for others things since we are still a student :P Now, we can take a bath so many time as we want since we love take a bath with this milky body wash :P

See how much I love Dove products beside Dove Body wash:

Now, after you get your healthy skin, GET YOUR PRIZE here with only giving your testimonial about dove body wash!


Friday, February 22, 2013

Indonesia Fashion Week. Day2 - INFINITELY COVERED

Hellooo Agaiiin :*
We as Official Blogger IFW 2013 (so proud hahahha), present you


From JCC (Jakarta Convenion Center) , Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 day 2 
Friday, 15 February 2013 - Plennary Hall - at 13.00 

This fashion show of Pop Up by Look Up, designed by Euis Muthmainah.
also, you can check the details at :

Anyway, I'm so sorry for bad spot to made this video, 
because while I'm recording, I was sit in Gold row, not from journalist place.
and please enjoy my first youtube video :D


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Third Awards : Sisterhood of the World of Blogging

Super thanks for Anastasia Gunawan from de la VIE BELLE for giving us this super lovely award on 29 January! we really flattered being your nominee and you are the first friendly blogger friend we've made ❤ WE are sorry for this late post since Ruby was sick and Rosa had National Exam preparation :P

As for the awards, there're several rules:
★ Acknowledge the person who passed the award to you and provide their link.
★ Include the award logo on your blog.
★ Answer 10 questions I posted below.
★ Nominate blogs and link those you have especially enjoyed reading. The number you can select is up to you.
★ Notify each individual that you have nominated them.

the questions are … : 
⊳ If you have a chance to get one answer from God Himself, what will you ask?
     Ruby : maybe i will ask why should people life ? what is the purpose of living. hahaha. 
                  maybe many people will ask the same question i guess..?
     Rosa  : and yes it's same with ruby's ❤ 

⊳ What wild animals do you want as your pet? 
     Ruby : turtle? dog? are they include in wild category? LOL xP
     Rosa  : baby panda

⊳ What's your favorite book?
     Ruby : macbook ❤ 
     Rosa  : book with happy ending❤

⊳ Tell me your childhood dreams that you pursue even until now?
     Ruby : being a designer. and now i'm in visual communication design :D
     Rosa  : still can't answer

⊳ If you can choose to be one of Disney characters, which character will you choose? and why?
     Ruby : Cinderella ! married a prince charming :D hahahaa
     Rosa  : Piglet
⊳ What do you think about money?
     Ruby : trigger a corruption. so maybe everything should be free and there won't be corruption hahaha
     Rosa  : money can't buy happiness 

⊳ Family, friendship, money, or yourself? Choose one! ;p

     Ruby : family ❤ 
     Rosa  : friendship x fam

⊳ Tell me your best memories in life!

     Ruby : coming into this world :)
     Rosa  : childhood with no pressure :')

⊳ If you can go back to the past once, which year will you choose and why?
     Ruby : none. everything came for a reason. past is a lesson, change it still not guarantee a better life. 
                  so the most important is today, now, this time, this moment. 
                  we should enjoy this moment and give our best shot 
     Rosa  : from the beginning of my life.. i wanna make it perfect 

⊳ Cat or Dog?
     Ruby : puppy! ❤ 
     Rosa  : my ex Glen (doggy)

And the nominees are …….
1. Anastasia Gunawan from de la VIE BELLE ! Can we give back to Anas back ? hahahahaha. We love your so much anassss :* You're the super kind fellow blogger we love and you are super super friendly ❤ 

2. Helena Natanael from Capturing Reves, we found you so so so so friendly ^^ like following back twitter without we ask you to. not like others, i don't know, maybe they don't remember this blog ya :( haha or I'm just afraid to ask to follow back. i don't know but ThankYou for that and for all friendly blog comments *hug* We hope we can be friends while there's a Jagger meet up!

3. Michelle Sanjaya from G.H.E.T.T.O, you are the person with first visit to this blog with super friendly intention for meet up remember ? :D until now you gave us an award and really sweet blog comments and become twitter friends with bbm contact :P you're super adorable! :* mwahh!

4. Sara Josephine from a day to remember, well your blog comments are super super friendly. When we read that, we just feel we are already be friends from a long time ago :D hope we can really be friends :*

5. Tamara Emilia from Vanilla Sky, hey there! We want to say thankyouuuu for all your sweet comments on our blog each time you visit us. ^^ We hope we can be friends while there's a Jagger meet up :))))

My questions for the nominees overall are same, because I think Anas' questions are already good :D ..

⊳ If you have a chance to get one answer from God Himself, what will you ask?
⊳ What do you think about yourself? Friendly, Calm, or ?
⊳ Branded items or not branded ? Why ?
⊳ Tell me your childhood dreams that you pursue even until now?
⊳ If you can choose to be one of Disney characters, which character will you choose? and why?
⊳ What do you think about money?
⊳ Family, friendship, money, or yourself? Choose one! ;p
⊳ Tell me your best memories in life!
⊳ If you can go back to the past once, which year will you choose and why?
⊳ Cat or Dog?

We are really want to nominee more of you, my fellow bloggers and readers one by one :( Hmm the point is, you guys are really really sweet, thanks for all your lovely comment to keep this blog exist until now  THANK YOU!