Thursday, July 24, 2014

It was Over

So, the election in my country is over. also the announcement, Jokowi as new president now, yeeeey.
Hopefully he could bring Indonesia a better country, and solve country problem. But his rival seems like disapprove it, and hate it, even he resign from the election, lol. The power of his rival is quite strong. So, even though there is no demonstation here, but many of us still afraid to go outside, many of my friend also. The street just pretty quiet out there.

Anyway yes black is never boring for me, but for a little tips just match your simple top or skirt or dress with colourful outer or maybe with pattern outer <3

Hat - aw_wardrobe
Necklace - HnM
Jacket - Stradivarius
Top - Forever21
Skirt - unbranded
Bracelet - TOPSHOP
Shoes - HnM

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Love Story

 Hello pals! It's July so how's your holiday?!
actually i'm pretty bored today, cause i enjoy my holiday everyday, and spending this first July at home. anyway its been a month since the very first dat my puppy stepped inside my house :D

-short story-
When I see this pics, i remember i met someone special for me on that night <3 who can cheer up my day! our first met and our first moment. "Hope" he can always be my special one.
if at the end we can't be together, i'm glad to know you :)

details of top and skirt

and my fav pic :)

using natural amethyst eyelashes from @lashnwink (instagram) 
they made their own with human hair
super mild and comfy

Hat - HnM
Eyelashes - @lashnwink
Necklace - Bling
Top - New Look
Red Tartan Blouse - @JulyAndDecember
Skirt - @JulyAndDecember
Shoes - New Look

anyway, visit @JulyandDecember on twitter for full catalog,
they have new arrivals every Thursday