Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Buavita Smoothies Media Tasting

Throwback again to Thursday, 4 April 2013 at Prive FX Sudirman, We got an invitation again to Buavita Smoothies Premier & Exclusive Media Tasting. It seems all media attend that event like Kompas Gramedia, Metro TV and others. And we are super flattered because we are the only bloggers that invited to that event! ❤

So, the event is being MC by Steny Agustaf and not like the usual talk show, it was a fun event as their concept, pool party, with "Brighten Up My Day"as the theme. they present a Stand Up Comedy Show by Kemal Palevi, and Ary Kirana, Bayu Oktara. With that concept, it showed that Buavita Smoothies will help cheering your day! and it proved, after Kemal have his Comedy Show, Ary and Bayu talked about how complicated live as a woman and a man that made people stressed and bad mood sometimes, and they talked with fun way like comedy too. Even Oky Andries, Brand Manager Walls's Buavita, said that daily activity could bring you so much pressure every day, at the end, no confused if you have a bad mood.In the end, we finally taste Buavita Smoothies! Really refreshing and made our day :D

Ruby taste the Strawberry flavor, Rosa eat the Banana flavor and those are super delicious with a fresh piece of fruit inside :9 We guess others flavor will be super tasty as them too !

Psssstt! For your record, the banana that they use are from Australia! :D
what a special banana ❤

Actually this is the first ice cream that content milk and a piece of fruit that you can enjoy at everwhere, home, school, work place with no need to order them in a cafe or others to have a yummy smoothies to help you calm down your bad mood and cheering your day.

And since this is the first time Buavita launch it in Asia, Indonesia, why dont you grab your Buavita Smoothies before other society in worldwide taste them!
check it on http://www.wallsbuavita.com ❤ 

and after that Launching event, we took some photos :P

top Bershka, skirt deFemale

some random bracelet :D

legging deFemale, shoes Zara, bag Roxy

So, don't forget to grab your Buavita Smoothies, be positive and happy! 
see their complete profile : http://www.wallsbuavita.com :D



  1. waaa kayaknya seru. Aku suka yang banana smoothies :9

  2. Wow it is such a good event! love the colorful outfits :)


  3. cool style!! love ce rosa's shoes :D

    cheer, michelle

  4. wah acaranya keliatannya seruu! sorry waktu itu aku nggak bs dateng ._. you both look fresh and stylish! have a nice day yaa! :D

    PS: good luck for the upcoming national examination, Rosa!

  5. I love your outfits, they looks so sweet and cute!!

  6. omo ... feel like want some too <3
    look delicious and will be great in that hot weather in Batam here :)
    and love that boots and bracelet !


  7. Lovely photos<3


  8. You guys are so lucky for being invited!

    Kapan kapan cobain ah yang banana :9

  9. Wow stunning photos, i love your blog.
    I am your new follower No 205 via Gfc.
    Follow me on rock4less.blogspot.co.uk

  10. really amazing purposes!
    loving your blog and good taste, i stay here! hope youll follow back <3

    Sergio, xx

  11. i find your outfits are kinda matching, maybe because of the stripped details :) you guys look cute as always! and yumm, I'm craving for one now :)

  12. woaah >< congrats for being the only one fashion blogger that attended the party! hihi . nice outfit yet matched with between you two! I love the skirt :D

  13. nice outfit!


  14. pretty sisters <3 love both of your outfits! :)


  15. lovely outfitss <3
    the ice cream looks yummy~ I should try it sometimes~ ahahahaa ;)
    by the way, thanks for gave comment on my blog!! :D
    and thank you again for gave feedback to my drawing hehehheee
    yess I'll go to visual comm design majority for sure *because there's nothing else that I love hihihi* but I still confused about the best university *local univ and over seas* for visual comm design?? can you suggest me? hehhee I heard that ruby is DKV student hehheheee ;)
    thanks before!!
    anyways, good luck for national exam rosa!! hope you'll get the best score!! *pray* :D

    xoxo, ditth

  16. huaaa congraz you both the only fashion blogger! how lucky you are girls~ :3
    aku suka itu tuh yang rasa stobeli~


  17. So cute ! I love the shoes in the last picture : )

  18. I really really love the banana flavour. Yes you have to stock a lot of Buavita smoothies on your fridge!

  19. aww nice event !! thanks for sharing


  20. You guys are so cute. This looks like such a fun time!

  21. love both looks.
    you guys are rock


  22. Such a lovely post, I like these pictures so much! :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com)

  23. Love this outfit totally and your boots <3

    Chic Swank

  24. Yg banana flavor enak bgt yaa hehehe!


  25. Amazing blog! What's more interesting with this blog is that it is moderated by two bloggers. How cool is that? I think this my first time to encounter this. Amazed me so much. I love the killer heels of Rosa, it made your look very edgy! I love the skirt of Ruby, it made the look girly. Thank you for dropping by my blog. I hope to see more cool posts from you. I followed you on GFC and Bloglovin' already. If you want to follow each other, it'll be great. Thank you again! ♥


  26. xixi looks like you two are having so much fun :DD anw just curious, how do you get the invitation, did you signup for something or the just suddenly sent the invitation? haha :3 loving the boots anw :3 haev a nice day! xo

  27. u both look super gorgeous! these photos are amazing :D

    xoxo, Eliza
    Bread and Butter

  28. looks fun!
    Rosa, the boots are totally awesome and Ruby, the skirt looks pretty <3

    I've tried the ice creams, I looooove them! very tasty and I can feel the real fruit in it. yum!

  29. Just found you two on blog while googling for Buavita pics.. Thank God I found this page! It's a nice blog.. ;D

    Walls Buavita smoothies are indeed addictive! Like both tastes but love the strawberry most.. <3



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